Birthday wishes

I made a wish when I was 8 years old, On top of a sweet little barbie cake.. It was an actually barbie with her entire dress make out of cake it was perfect.  I made a wish that night that like my grandmothers Soap Operas I wished that my life was like one. Exciting with love and heartbreaks the tears, drama the whole deal. Who would want anything else I thought.

Well my wish came true… From that moment on it’s all it’s ever been. Now I’ve lost my way. I smoke, drink, I’ve been to rehab a few times. I’ve also managed to have gotten kicked out of every high school I’ve been in and lastly I’ve had the worlds most notorious dating life. The tears, the drama just like I wished… I think no yet has figured my heart out or we can just say I like the fucked up ones.. or maybe they just gravitate towards me cause I’m just as fucked.

Moral of the story be careful what you wish for.. I’m not really sure to be honest  I’m just a girl who’s needs something more… much much more than what is



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