I saw this news broadcast a few weeks ago medications and other toxic materials have been found in our drinking water, rivers, lakes and sewage systems. Sex hormones, to mental health drugs to pain meds, something like over 200 different drugs were tested.. don’t quote me on that number. I’ll attach the article below. This happens sadly because any medication that we take or flush goes thru the system and can’t be or hasn’t been recycled. It’s hard to get rid of these medications and filter them and for how long has this been going on..? You really start to think. Well I think we’re all screwed. The amount of fresh water is limited that’s obvious and then there’s global warming.. world hunger and over population to list a few and now I hear this. If we’re all processing this “recycled” water that’s clearly not recycling. Do you think we’re all just a little bit medicated? Yeah crazy thought and have been medicated in slow doses and for who knows how long. So maybe it explains why  this world is so crazy and maybe making people literally feel crazy with all these emotions and in return maybe doing crazy things. Yeah I figured it out. The world and my world with my family is in chaos currently. That’s another topic for another day my “one of a kind family”. All my life I’ve met so many people who I just didn’t understand. Understand why they did the awful things they did. I came across people who I’ve met throughout my life who have done so many hurtful things and I never understood why, so I blamed myself and thought it was what I deserved, part of me still does in a way. Then I thought maybe they grew to be that way through life and it’s trials, maybe inherited by there genes, how they were raised if they had any morals or maybe… “there’s something in the water and now I guess we all know there is and maybe we’re all just a little bit delirious in the end after all.



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