You’re a distorted perception you’re not at all what’s been in my mind

This moment in my life is truly gonna be life changing. Truth be told all I have left is myself

I’ve come to realize my crazy obsessive love with you has all been a distorted perception you’re not at all what’s been in my mind. Ive erased the fights to just cope sometimes I remember when you would walk away and not come back for weeks. I would try to run to catch up to you but you were too fast… I would call you and text you and you would ignore me refuse to come out of your house to see me…I block it all out it’s embarrassing. I replace it instead with your laugh the wrinkles around your eyes and your smile. Your sense of confidence mesmirezed me.. then so charming to the outside world to strangers,friends and family everyone loves you and then there was the way you treated me when no one was around…I was beat down without you even laying a finger on me. Anyone would tend to believe that they are crazy. It doesn’t make sense I know I was a lot to deal with but I tried talking crying, explaining.. loving you and you were just too stubborn to hear it. You left without saying goodbye again but this time you left for good.

I found this article and it’s about you. It’s true you are what they say but what can I say I still loved you then and do now..  Sadly part of me still wants to fix you so u can love me and we can be happy again




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