About me

I’m currently in my 20’s. I created this blog because I’ve been passionate about writing and sharing my untold story. I want to write to share with the world my stories and trials which have been countless. Hoping that one story can inspire my readers to be the better in this world. I believe that they are so many things that affect us in life like the people we date, socialize with and the circumstances that we get tested by can really make or break you. Well for me it’s broken me. This blog is dedicated to my Grandmother who is spiritually the most beautiful soul. She is of Indian background and I as a kid I remember going to temple with her and praying to all her beautiful gods and getting dressed up I loved it. I’m a catholic but have so much love and respect for my grandmother, going thru my Grandfathers infidelity having 3 wives and many mistresses and then passing away. My grandmother has persevered not only but has embraced life by traveling the world, letting go of the bad and having the love, friends and family in her life. She loves the Casino and is quite lucky, going to Vegas with her is my favorite. She enjoys a great martini and she just does her own thing and no matter what part of the world she is in.. She has been such a beautiful spirit.. lived a life and is my inspiration for rising above.

I know life can be beautiful again. This is  a journey for me to discover the beauty in the lost insanity of my past and what it’s made me.

Reinvention is possible

With love Wildfox



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